Popopo – Real-time voice chat

You can happily conversation even in far away places.
Developing only one network programmer, so it is very simple screen.

APK file is HERE.
Challenge Post


  • VR voice chat application.
  • Platforms such as What’s App in VR.
  • Work on without intoxicating.
  • Run at a low spec devices.
  • Works on almost all platforms (VR not only).
  • Regardless available race, language, time and location.


  • Sign in with Twitter.
  • Send and receive messages.
  • Talk voice chat in room.
  • Behave using VR headset (head tracking) and twitter icon.
  • Embed Like Button instead of throw the substance.


  • Transmit emotion who are talking.
    • Icon moves in the voice of frequency.
      • You can see who is talking to whom.
    • Link the head tracking and your icon.
      • You can see who is talking to whom.
      • You can nod or shake their heads in voice chat.

    Please try it!


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